Referee Fees


Referee Payments: Each team is responsible for paying half the referee fees. 

If Center ref does not show up-Two AR's can decide who is doing middle, that person gets the center ref pay and takes on Center Ref responsibilities and other person gets the AR pay. The remaining monies goes back to teams. As home team try and find a parent to be an AR when possible. 

$40 center referee
$27 linesmen x 2=Total of $94 so $47 per team

$32 center referee
$22 linesmen x 2=Total of $76 so $38 per team

7v7 (3 ref system)
$28 for center referee

$17 linesman x 2= total of $62 so $31 per team

$20  referee
$20 total for one referee so $10 per team 

Anything cancelled with 24 hours the referee needs to be paid unless it is weather related or field related. ​

Need a 3 day notice on all rescheduled games. If under 3 days then a $50 fee will be charged to your club and made payable to MSDSL.