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MSDSL Fall 2014 Information

2014 Fall League Division Champions: Congratulations! (as of 10/21/14)

Boys U7-Michigan Jaguars White 08                                                                                            

Boys U8 Division 1-Michigan Jaguars Green 07                                                                        

Boys U8 Division 2-                                                                                                                          

Boys U8 Division 3-                                                                                            

Boys U9 Division1-Michigan Tigers FC 06 Gold                                                      

Boys U9 Division 2-Michigan Jaguars Black 06                                                      

Boys U9 Division 3-Michigan Jaguars Silver 06                                                     

Boys U10 Division 1-Michigan Jaguars Green 06                                                  

Boys U10 Division 2-Pacesetter 05 Boys Black Villa                                                

Boys U10 Division 3-Michigan Jaguars Huron Valley White                                      

Boys U10 9v9 (U11Y)-Michigan Jaguars Green 05                                                  

Boys U11 Division 1-Kingdom Select 04 Black                                                       

Boys U11 Division 2-                                                                                         

Boys U11 Division 3-

Boys U12 Division 1-Waza FC South 03 Black

Boys U12 Division 2-Pacesetter 03 Boys Villa Black

Boys U12 Division 3-

Boys U13Y-Pacesetter 03 Boys Villa Red

Girls U8 Division 1-Michigan Jaguars Green 07

Girls U8 Division 2-Dexter 06/07 Girls Legacy

Girls U9 Division 1-Michigan Jaguars Green 06

Girls U9 Division 2-Michigan Jaguars White 06

Girls U9 Division 3-Michigan Jaguars CW3 06 Red

Girls U10 Division 1-

Girls U10 Division 2-

Girls U11 Division 1-Pacesetter 04 Girls Villa Red

Girls U11 Division 2-Pacesetter 04 Girls Villa Black

Girls U11 Division 3-

Girls U12 Division 1-

Girls U12 Division 2-Waza FC West 03 Blue

Girls U13Y-


All u8 teams and below....the coach is allowed to coach from the field as part of the development philosphy of our league. Coaches DO NOT need to be in agreement over this prior to the game. If one coach would like to be on the field and the other would not that is acceptable.



Print Game Cards directly off the Got Soccer website. Call in number, game ID and pin number are listed on the Game Sheet. All Game Sheets l need to be mailed to 31060 S. Wixom Road, Wixom, MI 48393

The link to see scores and schedules is

MSDSL Game Sheet Instructions - Updated 4.7.14

Ref Payments: Each team is responsible for paying half the ref fees

$36 middle
$25 line
x 2

$30 middle
$20 line x 2

6v6 and 7v7 games


MSDSL 2014 Scheduling Information

Teams are responsible for communicating their One Off game details to their club representative, who will compile all game details to send to the league commissioner.

For League contact information

1. Go to the Got Soccer link above

2. Top right hand corner of the teams schedule CLICK the words TEAM CONTACT.

If the information is missing or inaccurate please contact your league administrator to update.

Game Change Request Form - PDF-updated 2.7.13


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