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Contact Us

Todd Derby-MSDSL League Commissioner msdslcommissioner@gmail.com

Annalisa VanHouten for administrative issues and schedule changes.    avanhouten20@gmail.com or 248-613-0729

Dave York for any Match Day changes you need to make.    dyork@total-soccer.com

Referee Assignor who is associated with your club should be contacted if referees do not show up to a game or there is an issue involving a referee.

Coaching Director or Age Group Director of your club for any major conflicts and/or rule interpretation issues.


Communication Protocol:

Current MSDSL members are to direct inquiries, concerns or issues to their club’s representative on the Board of Directors first before contacting the MSDSL Commissioner.

Prospective MSDSL members and/or outside organizations are to contact the MSDSL Commissioner directly.

Board of Directors:

President and League Commissioner: Todd Derby - msdslcommissioner@gmail.com 

 Barry Scott  - barrythescott@aol.com

Secretary: Mario Scicluna - mario@wazafc.com

Member at large : Kevin Garner-kevingarner7@yahoo.com

Member at Large: Pete Alexander - pete@cantonsoccerclub.com

Member at Large: Rick Larson - rick.larson4@gmail.com

League Administration (non-voting):

MSDSL Administration: Annalisa Van Houten - avanhouten20@gmail.com

MSDSL Treasurer: Jim Harkins- jharkins71@gmail.com

MSDSL Scheduler: Dave York- dyork@total-soccer.com

Team Contact Information

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